Why you should Visit the Florida Keys

Many travelers in the United States and across the world dream of spending days with family and friends relaxing on white sand beaches at a destination away from the busy day-to-day life. Now, whenever someone talks of a dream vacation where they can take long walks along the beach with their favorite drink or novel in their hand, you can think they are dreaming of one of the tropical islands in the Caribbean. Do you know you can take a relaxing drive or a quick flight, if you’re in the US, and get to the Florida Keys? No need to venture south to the Caribbean region to have your dream travel experience.

The Florida Keys offers travelers with that tropical island life where they can explore beautiful coral reefs, swim in the crystal-clear waters, sun-bath in the sandy beaches, and more. Florida is one of the states where you can enjoy a year round of luxury. Here are five reasons to visit the Florida Keys this year.

The Sunset in Key West Inspire Endless Celebrations

At the Mallory Square in Key West, people gather to celebrate a one-of-a-kind sky just before sunset. There’s no better way to put it unless you see it for yourself. The sunsets here are so beautiful in their colors. You have to be part of the crowd that gather here to catch the beautiful, glowing sunsets every evening. Travelers gather in the old institution to enjoy live performances from arts and crafts exhibitors, magicians, street performers, clowns, food vendors, and more. It’s, therefore, not just about the colorful sunsets at the Mallory Square as there’s are celebrations as well.

Internationally Renowned Sport Fishing

The Florida Keys lies between the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, which means you can experience some of the best sport fishing in the United States here. There are countless of charter captains in the Florida Keys waiting to take visitors out for the best sport fishing experience. You also get to experience the water change colors as you move around the sea grass and over reef and the sandy bottom. There are plenty of fishing opportunities here for those who don’t love sport fishing. Just remember to bring a pair of gloves with you since the fish here have teeth.

Key Lime Pie

One of the things that makes a trip memorable and exciting is food. You don’t want to leave the Florida Keys before tasting the Key Lime Pie, a delicious concoction brought over to the Florida Keys by Spanish explorers. Today, the desert has become part of the culture here. It’s naturalized here now. You might find yourself adding the Key lime pie to your favorite dessert food list.

Beautiful Beaches

As mentioned, the Florida Keys allows you to experience that tropical island life with quirky harbors and silky, white sand beaches. It’s time your experienced the tropical feel this destination has to offer. Remember you won’t have to leave the United States, if you live in the country. Get to relax on the beach and enjoy the clam environment and warm waters.

Water Sports

Did you know the world’s third largest barrier reef is found in the Florida Keys? The Great Florida Reef is a collection of smaller reefs which make snorkeling more fun. There are thousands of tropical fish, sea turtles, stingrays, and sharks here. Whether you decide to have a water jet park or go for snorkeling, you’ll have the chance to explore the marine life here. Other activities include skiing, paddle boating, kayaking, and kite boarding. (marketing charleston sc